A Rabi recently advised that Hebrew does not imply a count reference. Context can be an indicator. (my added note: 'Infinity' and/or 'omnipresence' has no math.
  'The Creation' created the environment that needs math.

There exists Powers over the Earth...
greater than all the fossil fuels, nuclear power and any other
 physical matter of science (creation)... and beyond the creation.

Many people think of the flesh.  God has no flesh.  God can make all that is needed. Mankind exalts the flesh. God became flesh in Jesus for a brief time and struggled with that much like you and I. If you are one to not believe in the term "God", try perceiving "The Force". Otherwise your Ego is your god.  Your flesh and Ego are quarantined to "time - space" and limited to same. 

"Time-Space" is the finite; our flesh home.  God (The Force) is the infinite, the Omnipresent; therefore...

God is not quarantined. That explains "omnipresence" and it fits what we know of the Creation. I'm sure there is much more we don't know.  It does not matter. The Creator has equipped us with everything we need to develop a relationship with the God of Abraham.

Emotions or trait.. are not a property of biology, but present because of
the spirit.  (Mind, emotions and free will...
the essence of God that makes us different from animals)

Gen 1:26 (RSV)
Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth."

Note: Consider the person that received the "God said" information used Hebrew to "pass it on" to the "scribes".  The Hebrew word is usually plural, but God is omnipresent, or "infinity".  There are no numbers or math respective of infinity. The issue is mute.

Emotion or Trait




Anger Anger defeats Common Sense for a while. Proceed cautiously.
Ego Harmful: With a strong ego, you don't need Satan to help.
Pride (gen 10:31) Felt when you create a good, useful and helpful result from your action.
Forgiveness   One of the keys needed to have peace. You will not be forgiven if you can't forgive.
Love like a Parent, & more   One of the keys needed to have peace.
Fear     Inherent property of flesh; a survival instinct of flesh.
Envy     Admire another person's stuff, perhaps want one.
Jealousy (Deu 5:9 ) You think you deserve to be loved by (?), but it is not coming your way. Do you like self?
Justice   Your vision of justice depends on who you really are and if you have peace.
Vengeance Product of Ego and Hate; can never forgive.
Discriminate Discriminate between good/bad, love/hate, peace & torment
Loyalty     A flesh spawned commitment that helps retain useful social or family connection.
Hate   Hate can have no peace. Hate allows no forgiveness. Hate has no hope* Hate rejects another consciousness can be more capable and intelligent than human. Your ego is your godhead.


English word "love"

So many different relationships of endearment all use the "love" word.  Without context, it's detal is ambiguous. At times it can be an intimate verb. Sometimes the object can be "stuff".  The common thread is expression of endearment.

English word "hope"

 like the proverbial "light at the end of the tunnel".  No hope, no tunnel; only your quarantine to physical  science. (What if you are wrong? Ego?)

Why consciousness isn't biology (physical body)

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